As the number one seller in the top box office, this movie is a must-see for two kinds of audiences. For Harry Potter book fanatics who want to see how the book was replicated on the screen, the movie is like a portkey for them to enter the enchanted world. The movie did a good job with this.

For these audiences, their complaints are usually caused by the plots which were left out and not as well-represented as their imaginations. This movie definitely has these flaws, but was less disappointing than the previous movies. In fact, I am never satisfied with the Harry Potter movies. The reason that I keep walking into the theater is I hope to see improvement in the movie series. This movie has several computer-generated scenes with flying in the sky that can beat the summer –movie dazzlement. Even though there is not any Quidditch game in this new “Harry Potter” movie, the audiences can still enjoy the ride across the sky.

For the fans of huge movie effects and people who only watch the Harry Potter movies, this movie can serve their need if they already watched “Spider- Man 3” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.” However, these audiences might wander into the plots and think: “why are there so many characters who have such a small part to play and what do they need to appear in the movie?

If audiences are hoping for fun and games, this new Harry Potter has some thanks to the prankish Weasley twins (James and Oliver Phelps). The new character, Dolores Umbridge (Imelda Staunton) is a controlling and abusive teacher, but very engaging. People who have complained about the adult characters represented in the movies should be satisfied.

However, this movie is more dark and moody than before not only because Harry is threatened by Voldemort and the Dead Eaters, but also by the members of the magic society. Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) is like a monster as the book described, but I am surprised that he is not red-eyed because the book always mentioned his red eyes and snake-like face. I personally think when Harry was attacked by the Dementors at the beginning, it was more scary than Harry’s interactions with Voldemort.

This movie is a transition. It shows Harry’s journey of growing up. Harry’s changing relationships and his self-isolation and doubt become darkly apparent. This movie officially sets the tone for the last two films. Voldemort has returned and Harry needs to kill him. There is no playtime at Hogwarts anymore. Harry has to face the threats from outside and inside of himself. His enemy is not just Voldemort, but possibly himself as well. In this movie, Voldemort and Harry have a mysterious connection through their mind. Also, the good and evil sides have their first encounter to fight each other. Can Harry kill Voldemort but not himself will be the main story in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.”

There are frightening images in this movie which can scare children. Parents should know that Harry Potter is not a children’s book by now and expect more adult plots in the coming final book. The loss of Harry’s only family, his god-father Sirius Black, creates a dark shadow in his mind. This make audiences concerned about losing their favorite characters. For example, in the next book following “Order of the Phoenix,” “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”, Dumbledore is killed by Snape. Will people who care about Harry have a habit of ending up with death? Harry has this worry so he might choose to fight Voldmort alone in order to save other people. However, this will weaken his power. The coming book, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” will tell the answer of Harry’s decision.

The main difference between the movie and the book is Harry’s relationship with Cho Chang (Katie Leung). Harry has his first kiss with her and felt betrayed when she failed to keep the secret about Dumbledore’s Army. However, in the book, Cho Chang is not the person who betrayed her peers, but her good friend did. In the movie, Harry’s first romance is confusing. People will not understand why Harry had a crush on Cho Chang and why their relationship failed. I cannot see the reason they kissed and why this Asian girl is the only student in Dumbledore’s Army who cannot keep the secret. Since the movie has failed with exploring Harry’s first relationship with Cho Chang, it will not successfully make a parallel when Harry finds his real match in Ginny Weasley. The power of love is the only weapon Harry has, and this is his biggest difference from Voldemort. If Harry only learns emptiness, hate, and angry from his first romance, how can he learn trust and love in order to fight Voldemort? Probably Harry will learn it from his relationship with Ginny. However, Ginny does not play a major role in this movie. A new girl named Luna Lovegood (Evanna Lynch) caught people’s attention. I almost believed that Harry would have something with her so her role was more prominent than Ginny and Cho Chang. The movie could have done a better job with Harry’s affection to set up the following two movies.

The Harry Potter book reader will have a better sense that this is not just an adventure in the wizard world. The movie was trying to capture the book. It includes how the political power operated when the wizard world was in a danger. Cornelius Fudge (Robert Hardy) was afraid that Voldemort had returned and he would not be in charge of the wizard world. It is interesting to see how the Ministry cared about their own power more than solving the problems. After Cornelius Fudge installs a Ministry representative at the Academy, Dolores Umbridge, it is even more ironic to see how “educators” teach students behave “well” by calling it “educational reform.” This new Harry Potter is entertaining due to its computer-generated scenes, but it still carried some deep thoughts to make audiences think about their reality.

In conclusion, this fifth Harry Potter movie is a surefire wonder for movie watchers and should be fine with book readers (I personally think this book is the best-represented one so far). Like all Harry Potter movies, it is not perfect, though it is more compelling than the rest. The special effects in the movie are better than “Sorcerer’s Stone” and “Chamber of Secrets.” It’s more dark than “Azkaban” with some stunning effects and designs so it is more exciting. The action scenes are intense but pleasurable as well. It is more fantastic than “Goblet of Fire.” I am really look forward to see Harry search for the Horcruxes in the next two movies (the fist Horcruxes is Tom Riddle’s diary and Harry destroyed in Chamber of Secrets. The Horcruxes will be Harry’ task in the six and seven in order to kill all the pieces of Voldemort’s soul). The Harry Potter book series casts a special spell on people all over the world. However, this is the first time as a book fanatic I feel the Harry Potter movie cast the spell successfully. “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” is worthy of watching it in the movie theater.

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